Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday before...

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. :-) We had a pretty easy going one here.
As we approach tomorrow I am in prayer for the leader of our country. While this is my little place in the bloggy world I am not going to fill this up with my political views or thoughts. I will say that I am praying for this country and the direction it is headed. I am praying that you go vote and vote your convictions. I pray that as the votes are counted that this country can begin to go in the path it should. I pray for each leader that he follows his convictions no matter what others may say.

So, with that being said... I move on to other things ;). Tonight we have a cub scout meeting that will be where my kiddo earns his bobcat badge. I don't think he realizes it but I am super excited for him. He has worked hard this past month on gaining those badges. He is having a blast in cub scouts.

We have another busy week planned but not quite as busy as last week. (whew!!) What do you have up your sleeve this week? I am certainly hoping a nap is in my future ;) LOL My kiddo's clock apparently didn't fall back when ours did so he's been getting up an hour EARLIER Than he was before. sigh.... Do you have a hard time with the changing of the clocks? What do you think about it? Do you think it's really necessary?

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead of you and remember to count those blessings everyday! Here's a quick shot of our adventures last week ;) Have a wonderful 1st week of November!!

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