Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moments: Wore Out

Whew! I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of the choir in my church. This weekend was kind of a whirlwind as we had a worship conference and we sang 5 times this weekend. 5 times! I haven't sang in the choir in quite a while and while I LOVED it and realized how much I missed it, I was pooped!! ;-)

We also got to go see the Christmas parade yesterday. I do have to say one thing... It is December right? Did someone forget to tell the weather man? It was super hot yesterday! We were SWEATING in shorts while watching the Christmas parade! What is wrong with that picture? :) LOL Oh well. Tis the season for it to not know what to do. We enjoyed the parade and the most favorite part was the end of course. ;) That is where the Jeep Club was dressed up as the reindeer, Rudolph included, and riding in the last Jeep was Santa and Mrs. Claus. That was an awesome way to end the parade!

Do you go and watch Christmas parades in your town? We choose the smaller ones because they are not near as crowded and people are a little nicer at those ;-) Here's a shot of Boo Bear waiting for the parade to start!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great week ahead of you. This one for us will be full of Christmas parties, singing and much more! Be Blessed!

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