Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life/homeschool this week... Well homeschool and life are kind of working together this week.. (Isn't it supposed to anyway ? LOL) We have been basically doing a mixture of videos, talks and some hands on items through this time. Working on mental math where we work together asking questions of each other and he figures them out in his head. We have played games, watched some educational videos , BIG CAT WEEK!!!, and done lots of holiday fun things. We had our homeschool group's Christmas party this week too and that was a total blast.

We have been reading the Best Christmas Pageant ever too and that is so fun. I am super excited that Boo Bear is loving this book as much as I do...

We have been getting things ready for Mimi and Papa to come and we have Christmas parties this weekend as well. We are super excited for this time of year and all the family visiting we get to do!!!

Thing's I'm working on... I have a few Christmas presents I have to finish up today. ;) Can't tell ya what they are yet because "someone" might read this that will be getting them so for now... it's a secret :)

I'm cooking... Not much this week but I will be making a rice and beef dinner tonight. It's been a busy week...

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We hung out with friends at the park yesterday and we had a wonderful time with our homeschool group for our Christmas party. Tomorrow we will get to see some of the grandparents for another celebration.

I'm inspired by...The awesome testimony and strength of the young family I have in my praying for post. They are just wonderful, strong people of God and they are facing a devastating loss.

I'm praying for... It's been kind of a wild week with emotions. My friends from earlier days have been at the hospital with their little girl. She was born on the 15th of November with a diaphragmatic hernia. She fought long and hard for four weeks but she got her wings on this past Wednesday. My heart just breaks for this precious family. If you do not mind please say a prayer for this sweet family. They are such a strong witness for our Lord and what He can and does do. If you want to find out more about their story you can check out their Facebook Page.

Picture of the week... Downtown Christmas Tree

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