Monday, January 21, 2013

BIG Weekend Happenings In Our Home! :)

Well, it happened... Another sign of just how fast my baby is growing up.
Oh my.. He lost his first tooth this weekend!!! The ham sandwich he had for lunch on Saturday was the catalyst to get that little booger out! I remember getting maybe a quarter
or a dollar for my teeth. I guess inflation has taken part on the tooth fairy too.. :)

He is such a cutie with that snaggletoothed grin! He is very proud of that missing tooth too :)

I have not only realized he is getting older but so am I. I told my hubby yesterday that I have noticed my choice in footwear and clothes have gone from being the cute looks to being more for comfort. .. Sigh.. when did I make that switch? Not that I am old by any means. I refuse to believe that. I just see myself changing and in all honesty that can be quite scary at times. But you know what? Life is constantly changing no matter how much we don't want it too. I guess that's good! It means life is moving right along

Another big thing this weekend was my awesome hubby built me something amazing. See, he is just really great that way. I say I would like you to build ______ and then in a little bit he has built ______. This weekend it was bookshelves for our homeschool room. We have a homeschool/guest/office room that is getting more full by the day. With shelves for books and the game systems and the couch/bed, it is a mess. So I thought he could build some bookshelves for the room to help us weed out some of the other stuff. He honestly did above and beyond what I was asking and now everything can come out of that room except this shelf and the couch! It's awesome :)

Love it!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend this past weekend and that you are looking forward to the week ahead! We have lots of fun stuff going on this week and hope you all do too! Have a blessed and wonderful Monday!

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