Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrapup- Glad It's Over...

In our home this week... We were moving right along until Thursday. A nasty little tummy bug attacked Boo Bear. We spent the day on the couch, napping and sipping soup and relaxing. He is doing better today but as with all stomach troubles he's still weak. Hoping he continues to improve day by day and Daddy and I can avoid it. Needless to say I was a Lysol and Clorox crazy woman yesterday.

In our homeschool this week... Before the bug hit we were working on our new Spanish and Science we have. It is a very exciting time here in our homeschool and I hate that the sickies attacked us. Boo Bear seems to love the songs from our Spanish curriculum and I'm excited to learn a new language myself!

In math we started working place values and will be continuing on that. Hopefully we can get some school in today even if it is just fun stuff. We will see how he's feeling the rest of the day. We are also continuing on our Mr. Poppers Penguins Unit Study.

We also unintentionally learned about Stinging Nettles or AKA Fire Grass here in Florida. Boo Bear was playing with his friends next door and ran into some type of weed. Boy it was not a fun experience for him! It was burning and he had ice on his little ankle for several hours. Thankful that cleared up just in time for the tummy virus to hit...sigh... :)

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We started our cub scouts meetings back up this week. We also started a class at our civic theater. We made a trip out to the library and did some grocery shopping. We had planned on a park day but we have to see how the kiddo is doing. Maybe that's something we can get in this weekend if everyone is doing better.

I'm reading...  Galatians. I'm doing a Bible study on it.

I'm cooking... BBQ cups, crock pot chicken that was so delish! I will hopefully share it next week ;) And we ordered pizza. Not sure about tonight. I need to find some more great and easy crock pot recipes since things are getting busy again... Got any you want to share?

I'm praying for...My kiddo's continuing recovery and protection over Daddy and me. Our friends who are sick and those around us who need lifting up.

My favorite thing this week... Hearing Boo Bear singing the Spanish songs :)

A photo of the week... Daddy was our hero yesterday ;) (he is always but yesterday especially) He took a little time from work to bring us these treasures.Nothing like them when you have a tummy ache!

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