Friday, January 25, 2013

Doctor Referrals, Lessons and No Sleep...

In our life this week... This actually goes back to more than just this week. Boo Bear has been having stomach issues and I was hoping it was just the tummy virus he had last week. Alas, it isn't. He has had an umbilical hernia since birth and that is where his pain is. We went to the doctor this week because I was worried about him. He is normally happy go lucky and at times he mostly is. But then there are more times that he is complaining with his tummy hurting and that's not good. So we are being referred to a pediatric surgeon so they can fix it. Surgery is not what I wanted to hear but I want my kiddo better! The no sleep is because of the hernia too. He got up at 3:30 yesterday morning and went all. day. long. sigh... But that's okay. We got some great sleep last night and it's much better ;) Amazing what some sleep can do!

In our homeschool this week...We are moving right along. We are working on the Apologia Land Animals of the Sixth Day these next few weeks. Boo Bear and Daddy did an experiment using skittles and construction paper to show how camouflage works.

We also are moving along in our math program and phonics. We were struggling with our reading this week something fierce. So after talking with my TOS buddies I feel much better and we are kind of taking it slow and easy. I know it will come and I know he is developing at his rate. It just gets crazy sometimes and Mommy has to step back and remind herself of that. ;)

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We went on a much needed park date yesterday in this beautiful weather we are having. We also made a trip to the local Guitar Center here in town. Someone has decided he wants to play the guitar. ;) I think he looks like a natural don't you?

I think we will be adding this to our school lessons. The lessons sound great and I think he will thoroughly enjoy it!

I'm cooking... Pigs in a blanket, breakfast for dinner and maybe spaghetti tonight.

I'm praying for...My baby boy. I know things will be fine but it is hard on this Mama's heart when he hurts and I can't fix it up.

Another picture of this week... After being inspired by last weeks host of  HSMJ and talking with my hubby about doing some rearranging in our office/school room/guest room. He built me this over the weekend. : ) I love it when a project comes together so easily ;) Thanks hunny!!!

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  1. What a great gift from your hubby! That will hold a ton of stuff...enjoy! Oh, and make sure it is anchored to the wall! ;)

  2. Ouch! Poor kiddo! I have heard that hernia pain can be quite uncomfortable! I remember doing the Skittles and colored paper modeling with my kids doing Apologia. Good times! LOL It's ironic that you mention Pigs in the Blanket because my 2 younger kids just made some for lunch and they're cooking in the oven RIGHT as a write this! LOL We haven't had them in forever, but I bought the (rare) package of hot dogs yesterday but forgot buns! Duh! LOL Wow! Handy hubby you have there! Looks like a sturdy piece! But I agree - anchor it to the wall for safety!

  3. So sorry to hear about your son. My 2nd son had hernia surgery a few years back and it went really well. I pray your son has the same results. What a beautiful furniture piece your husband built! Wow! :-)

  4. Michele, Jessie and Lisa thanks for stopping by! We are going to be anchoring that thing to the wall for sure! LOL Do not want toppling shelves here ;) Thank you for your prayers and I am glad you came by!

  5. Sorry to hear about your son. My daughter had a double inguinal hernia repaired when she was four! She's 17 now and has never had any further problem. :-) I think he needs that guitar looks perfect on him!

  6. I hope everything is back to "normal" soon!


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