Wednesday, April 24, 2013

F is for Freedom

It's that time of the week ;) Our blogging through the alphabet time.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

This has really made me think each week . LOL Sometimes these come to me easy and sometimes.. Not so much. I think I need to start carrying around a little notebook with me for blogging ideas that just honestly come out of nowhere. I had one Sunday in church and for the life of me can't remember it now. Oh well... Back to this post ;-)

F is for freedom. Freedom of what? Freedom to homeschool. Freedom to worship. Freedom to do the things we do everyday. I have a cousin right now that is in his first deployment to protect our freedoms. Thank you CUZ for all you do and for your sweet wife who is waiting for you to return.

My main focus for this post is freedom in our homeschool. I am so thankful for the freedom in and to homeschool. I used to get really wound up about our lessons. We HAD to finish this amount of work by this date or I was just all out of sorts. But I have since learned that because we homeschool we have freedom in our lessons and how we approach things. Freedom to explore our surroundings and take time to look at the rocks and trees that God created around us

Freedom to go crazy one week and have something planned almost everyday. Something fun and exciting and good for our souls as well as our socilizations. Somethings that really scream... BOY like the Monster trucks we saw Sunday afternoon...

Freedom for us to be silly and enjoy our day. No matter where it takes us...

Freedom to go on spur of the moment field trips to learn about things that we have never seen before.

I'm so thankful for the freedom we have today and I pray that it continues this way for years to come. I am learning just as much, if not more, than my sweet boy is. I'm learning to let go, let God take control and follow where those little rabbit trails take us. This is truly an adventure and I don't want to miss a thing!!!


  1. What a blessed post and what a blessing it was to read. Great job on all your journeys. We are very proud of you and the job you are doing, Jen.


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