Friday, April 26, 2013

Week In Review: Normalcy Returns.. Sort Of ;)

In our life this week... We sort of returned to normalcy. We had a party this week and had another class added to our regularly scheduled programs. :) Boo Bear started taking a super hero class this week so he's learning about being a hero. That also caused him to want to create his own costume. AHH!! Help!! LOL Mommy is trying to figure out how we can do this but I think daddy has saved the day. He's bringing cardboard home to help this weekend. 

In our homeschool this week... We had a pretty great week. We were busy with our regular studies and adding in some great reviews we are working on. We have been moving along in our math and science. He had a great time this week because we finished up fish and started sharks in our Apologia this week. 

People we're seeing and places we'ere going...  We had a birthday party and also have a park day today with a few friends. We have also done our praise and dance team practice  I am so glad he is starting to bond with some of the kids at church :) 

I'm cooking... Some new gluten free goodies. I have made a couple this week that are awesome! I love the pumpkin pucks from the Paleo Parents and also we tried some gluten free waffles this morning that turned out good. The pucks were something my kiddo actually loved and asked to eat again!!

I'm reading... Several books at once. I am working on getting some new recipes out of my new cookbooks I recently got. I am also reading the Wheat Belly book. I can see myself in a lot of this book and that's exactly why wheat is no longer in my diet. 

A photo of the week...

We had a blast at our party this week. :) 


  1. What is normal? And do we care? :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Sheesh - lots going on! Sharks...I love sharks!

    1. Me too Dawn ;) We are having a good time with this chapter ;) LOL


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