Friday, June 7, 2013

Wrapping Up The Week...

In our life this week... It's been a pretty normal week here, thankfully. Oh with the exception of a little thing called Tropical Storm Andrea paying us a visit. LOL Other than that we have been on our normal routine. I am thankful for that actually. Things have been busy for a while and will get busy here in a few weeks. Good normal routines are always a relief! ;-)

In our homeschool this week... We are working on finishing up our first grade items. We still have math and science we are working on trying to complete them by July. Then we can take a few weeks off and get started with our next year's curriculum.

In science we finished up the chapter on Crustaceans and will start Mollusks next. We are moving right along and hopefully will finish up the book soon. I am really enjoying this and looking forward to our next book we are working on ;).

In math we finished up our beginning of multiplication and moved on to division this week. I don't really remember doing this in first grade but I am glad it does give him a good base to start with. The math should move pretty fast because he loves math. :)

I'm working on... The homeschool room for next year. I am working on some ideas I want to do in there and looking all over for inspiration. :) There are a few things I found that I liked... Mama Jenn has some great ideas on workbox systems and how she sets up her room. I also love this pin I found that has over 200 room ideas. I can look at these all day. LOL I am really in the decorating, revamping, moving around type mood. So I'm doing it all over the house, not just our homeschool room.

People we're seeing and places we're going... This week we had our Cub Scout end of the season party. We are planning some fun things this summer and my kiddo moved up to a Wolf now. :) He is very excited.

I'm cooking... This week we made Daddy's favorite cookies. He works really hard and has put up with all my odd Paleo type goodies lately... I thought he deserved his favorite recipe cookies for a change....

I'm reading... Nothing on my own really. We are continuing the 39 Clues series and we are working on several reviews. I have some books coming for me to review so that will be my reading soon :)

I'm grateful for... Laundry, dirty dishes, a refrigerator that needs to be cleaned out... Read why here.

I'm praying for... My dog. I think there is something going  on with him and it's not good. He is getting older and moving slower... And you just know when you know? Yeah.. That...

A photo of the week... Oscar was really wanting to help Boo Bear with his work.. Really...

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