Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Creative Cooking Day 3: Almond Flour Pork Chops

I decided in March to go gluten free/wheat free for myself. I have some medical conditions we have talked about before that I thought it might help if I tried it. I decided to give the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and to be honest, it works for me. It helped me feel so much better and I have tried to stick closely to it since then. I have lost weight, felt better and have seen the bloating and stomach troubles I had before go away. Now if I go back to eating wheat, it makes me pay for it. So why eat it when I have found some great new ways to go without it?

I have tried a couple of new flours since started gluten free but I have to be careful which ones I use. I am a Type 2 diabetic so just using regular old gluten free baking mixes are not always a great answer. I am thankfully coming off of some medicine so this is helping the diabetes to get better too! One of the ones I have absolutely fallen in love with is the Almond flour. I have used coconut as well but it takes a little getting used to. The almond flour does not have an off taste added to the food. You can season it as much as you want. I also like it because it is a lower carb way to batter your items.

The items I used for this recipe was some thick pork chops. You can use this to batter different items.

Almond Flour Pork Chops:

1 lb of pork chops
almond flour
1 egg
oil for your skillet

Heat your skillet up to a medium heat. I had really thick cut pork chops so I butterflied them first. Then I used my meat mallet to pound them out a little thinner. That way they do not take as long to cook. If they are too thick your batter gets burnt and your meat is still raw sometimes. Mix your egg and some water in one bowl to make your egg wash. Pour some almond flour and seasonings into another dish to bread the pork chops in. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. You really can put whatever flavors in the breading you wish. Dip your pork chop in the egg wash and then in your batter. Place them in your skillet. Let them brown on one side then flip them over. Depending on how thick your pork chops are it could take 15-30  minutes to cook. Honestly I cook them until they are done and nice and brown on the outside. They are not hard to cook and you need to keep an eye on them so they don't burn. Here's a shot of the ones I had.

They really turned out pretty I thought ;). I don't put a lot of oil in the skillet because sometimes with almond flour it can get bubbly/foamy. So I just put enough to keep them from sticking and give it a nice brown batter to it.

I served these with green beans and rice. You can do whatever you like with pork chops such as mashed potatoes or a salad.

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