Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Lunch Roundup Ideas...

This year is going to be a whole new adventure for all of us. From starting a new job to sending my son to school, it's a LOT of news this year. One big new for me is fixing a lunch to go everyday. Yes, I feed my son everyday ;) BUT I have always just played it by ear. Eat what we have here or get something while we are running errands. There was not a whole lot of thought really put into the process. I didn't have to plan it out and know what I needed ahead of time. I had some options here and that's what we went with.

Now, I have to actually pack it up for him to take it every day this year. So... That leads to this post. My first school lunch round up. I am going to try and gather ideas for school lunches and post them here. I will also share what we came up with on here as well. I have the best intentions of creative lunch ideas because I know PB&J can get old ;). There's also some schools out there that are nut free so it can be quite a challenge.

Boo Bear starts school in a few days so the lunch process will start. I will be preparing some "Momables" as my hubby called them this weekend. The all popular Lunchables are great but to be honest, they don't typically fill him up anymore. Plus they can be a lot more expensive over the long run. So I am going to fix my own version.

I have been searching around trying to find ideas and let me tell ya... Pinterest is still rocking it! It is chock full of unique and awesome ideas. Of course, I have found some my son wants me to try but I have to figure out if I can be that creative. :) We are talking sandwiches that look like his favorite characters, creative. ACK!

Here is a quick shot of a couple of supplies I have for this year...

The containers were really inexpensive at Wal-Mart and they have lids attached. THAT is a plus to me. No lost lids :) The Cheez-Its and Animal Crackers were something he chose to go in his lunch. I am going to make small snack size bags of these up to easily grab and throw in his lunchbox.

I also have a thermos Funtainer that will carry hot lunches in it as well.

So... as we prepare for this new journey in our home, what are some ideas you have for school lunches? Do you try to add in special touches for your kiddos? I'm all ears and would love to hear what your ideas are!!

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  1. After his first week I am sure he will tell you what the other kids are bringing. But, carrots, celery w/peanut butter, sliced apples, a pealed orange, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, in addition he will need a sandwich. But, my grandkids are always so happy when they come here as I make them hard boiled eggs. Not sure of Jackson's eating habits, but I know the are all healthy items. Good luck. And I always encouraged my kids to help pack there lunches every evening.


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