Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am so very thankful for lots of things. One of those things is the fact that after almost 2 weeks of hurting I'm starting to feel better. I'm gradually getting back to myself and what I need to do. You ever feel like although it's been maybe a week(ish) that you have been down it feels like 3 weeks that you are behind? Yep. That's me right now.


I'm thankful for more movement and less pain.
I'm thankful for a sweet hubby that is helping me as much as possible so I don't overdo it.
I'm thankful that my kiddo is so sweet and helpful.
I'm thankful that I can get up and move easier.
I'm thankful that my co-workers are praying for me and encouraging me. That I can take things to our weekly meetings and know they are sincerely praying for me and others that need it.
I'm thankful for coffee creamer. ( I was out for a couple days and my coffee and I missed each other)
I'm thankful for friends and family and this time of year.

I'm thankful for my superhero/Tiger kid. He's keeping me going and giggling and having fun :).

I'm thankful I can have Thanksgiving lunch with him tomorrow ;)

So, count your blessings! What do you have to be thankful for this week?

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