Friday, November 1, 2013

Where's My Focus?

Today as I started my November reading plan, I saw a verse that I have seen many times. You know those verses that you know by heart and they are something said very often? You know those times when they stick out to you and it's like a forehead smack? Yep. Today was one of those days ;-).

I love those days. When inspiration starts flowing and you really hear God speaking through His Word to you. If you just take time to get into the Word it's going to talk to ya. I fail many times with busy days and don't get into it as I should or even would like to. I think it's so important to set aside quiet time with God so He can speak to you through the noise of life.

So on to what my verse was today:

Mark 10: 27
" But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible."

We hear this verse a lot around church, friends and family. When something is going on it might be used to encourage or remind you of what our God is capable of. Today it spoke to me. I sometimes start looking at the mountain in front of me. Perhaps it is a problem I have no control of. Maybe it's sickness attacking my family, like right now. Maybe it is financial and I just don't see a way around the mountain ahead. But that's what stuck out to me today.

I need to stop looking at the mountain in front of me and keep my eyes on the One who made the mountains to begin with. He alone can get us over, around or even move it out of the way. Whether He moves it or just gives me the strength to get over it, it is possible with Him. Nothing is impossible when we put our faith and trust in Him.

I am thankful for His reminders. Maybe that revelation to me was not for today. Maybe it was for someone else or maybe it's so when I really get a mountain in the way I can come back to this.

I know God provides for us. I know He makes ways where there seems to be a big roadblock. I know He opens doors after another one closes. I have seen it in my life, in my family's lives and those around me. You can't tell me any different ;). Remember that God is bigger than any obstacle that might get in the way.

Please remember my kiddo and my hubby in your prayers. They are both fighting some kind of cold off and Mommy is trying her best not to get it too. (Somebody's gotta take care of them right?) If you have a prayer need please let me know so I can agree with you in prayer. I would be happy too! You can email me or catch me here. Thanks for stopping by and remember to keep your eyes on the Creator, not the mountain ;-) Be Blessed!!

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