Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have told ya before how much I love the Thankful Thursday posts. It may seem simple or silly but it really is one of my favorite posts I do each week. (or as often as I can). God has truly blessed us each and every day whether we take time to see it or not. Did you know if you start thinking about the blessings in your life you stop focusing on the perceived negatives? I say perceived because I have come to a realization recently. Those negatives in our life prepare us and teach us for other things down the road. Yes, we have days where nothing works right, we get irritated and just want to scream. I have those too. But when I stop and take a deep breath, then think on all these things He has blessed me with... Those things don't seem as big as they could be. ;-).So try today to think on the good things and blessings He has given you. You will be amazed at the change in your attitude for the day ;-)

So with that said... I'm thankful for...

An amazing hubby that when I say "honey can you build" he can ;).

An awesome kiddo that is such a blessing to me. Yes it's a trying time as the I know everything attitude is developing quite quickly. But I wouldn't trade those frustrating moments for anything in the world. He is smart, sweet, compassionate and an awesome kiddo! Thank you Lord for allowing me to be his mommy.

I'm thankful for a great group of women that I work with. The church we go to is amazing and I know God lead us there. We have been there a year now and I love it. It feels like home to me.

I'm thankful for the teachers that my son has. They are amazing to him and treat him as their own child. He is learning a lot and I can see that they truly care about him and his success.

I'm thankful for a sweet Golden gal that came into our lives at a terrible time. She helped us to heal from the loss of our Basset Hound and she is amazing :). She makes us laugh every day and she takes time to do this with my son:

This is just what he needs....

So, what are you thankful for this week? Share your blessings and I'll rejoice with you!


  1. I'm thankful my children and how special they are to me. I'm thankful for my awesome grandson who is so precious. I am thankful for your dad and that God blessed me with him, you, Bob and Jack, Joe and April. I am thankful for our puppies even though they bark for hours at times when we are trying to rest. I am thankful for Jesus who died on the cross for my sins and loves me unconditionally. Love your post. :D


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