Friday, December 27, 2013

A Look Back...

It's that time again. A time of reflection and thought.  A time when we typically think back over the past year and see things of what we enjoyed, what we didn't. Look back over memories we made and times we shared. I can honestly say that 2013 will not go down as my favorite year in history for us. It got a rough start and seemed to stay on that path. Don't get me wrong. God has kept His hand on us throughout this year and we are truly very blessed. That doesn't mean that we didn't go through trials and struggles like we haven't gone through before.

Sometimes you have those stellar years that you truly hate to see go. But this one... This one will get a good bye, so long, please don't return anytime soon wave.

So let's take a look back and see what happened shall we? :-) No matter how rough or weird the year was it's always nice to recap.

So we started the year off with a bang. January first my son was sick. I remember saying to myself that morning, I hope this is not an indicator of the entire year. I have learned to keep my thoughts to myself. :) February my son had surgery.

It was a minor surgery but surgery none the less. Those days leading up to the surgery, after the surgery and around it were quite difficult. It's only by the strength of God, my family and great friends I had around me that we made it through. Whew!

That passed by and we had another major life change. We prayed and decided to let my son go to the private school at our church. I really wanted to just keep him at home again but we both thought he needed this experience. Now whether that stays the same next year or not we do not know yet. He is already saying he wants to go back to homeschool. So we shall see...

He has enjoyed it and I'm anxious to see how it is when he goes back after winter break. He was not wanting to do it again next year before school was out because it got crazy. Maybe that changes later?

He was in his first school play :). He was a cute little singing cowboy and we really enjoyed it.

This year we also said goodbye to our faithful friend Oscar. In June we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. He knew it was time and my husband and I did too. My son took it so hard and I've never seen him hurt that bad before. It just broke my heart and still does as I can't fix it.

We also said hello to a new friend. She has truly come in and made us laugh till we cried again. She is a joy to have around and we know that God delivered her just in time.

My hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this year also. I love him more each day and he's truly a blessing to me.

Christmas was way different for us this year. Another change. This was the first time in my entire life I have not seen my parents on Christmas Day. Talk about a shell shock of an experience. While we really did have a great Christmas, it was a bit emotional up until then. We also ended up in the ER before Christmas this year. My kiddo got really sick and scared us with a high fever. I'm glad it was before Christmas and not New Years Day again, though.

So here's to the New Year. 2014. May you bring a little less craziness and many happy days. May God richly bless each and every one of you. May you know His presence and make Him known this year. So what was memorable about your year?

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