Saturday, December 21, 2013

What A Week!!!

Wow has this past week been a whirlwind. And it doesn't really show signs of slowing down! It has been a blast for us. We have had Christmas plays, caroling, parties and more parties this weekend. Have I ever mentioned I love this time of year? It is so much fun to just gather with friends and family and enjoy the time together. Forget the presents under the tree, the best presents are those around the tree!!

This year will be quite different for us. For my entire life, I have always, always seen my parents on Christmas. This year it will not happen. Basically life and work has made the schedule kind of crazy and it just wasn't possible this year. I have been through a gamet of emotions. Sad, depressed, down, not Christmassy you name it. Then I had something click. Yes it is tough to be away from family on Christmas. No I do not like it one bit but the reason we celebrate Christmas is still the same. We will be video chatting and while that's not the same it is better than nothing :) . I was reminded that we are celebrating Jesus's birthday and that our traditions have to start sometime. I honestly have a hard time letting go of MY traditions and remembering we have to make some of our traditions together. So we are this year. :) Not sure what they will be yet but it should be fun right? ;-). We will mix some of both of our traditions and add in some of our own.

So here's a couple of shots from our week... First our week started on Sunday with his school Christmas play. They did awesome and it was a great event to watch!

Here he is getting ready to sing Christmas carols with our Cub Scout group. They did an awesome job. I have to share that my son was the only little guy who went and talked with the residents. I was so proud that he wasn't afraid and asked to go chat. He said yesterday he wanted to go to another nursing home to talk with them. He has such a compassionate little heart and I love watching it grow and develop more everyday.

We ended the week with more caroling with his school and a fun class Christmas party. I'm so very happy that he has such wonderful teachers that care about him and his fellow students. Here he is before the sugar rush that was about to commence.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and remember to cherish the time with your family and friends!!

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