Monday, December 9, 2013

Good Books for 2nd Graders?

So I love to read. If you have spent any time around here you know that. I love reading all types of books: recipe books, scary books, Christian fiction and the list goes on and on. I've read books on how to coupon, books on mystery and suspense, and books that inspire me. I just love to read. :)

I am so excited because my son is starting to gain that love of reading too. If you hung out while we were homeschooling you know how much trouble we had with that issue here. I was thinking he should be reading more and he was not interested at all. Thankfully that has taken off. His reading is much improved and he is actually enjoying it :)! (YAY!)

So I am curious as to what good books you and your kiddos have read lately? I really want some good ones for myself and for my son. He loves to read Magic Treehouse, Junie B and Ready Freddy. Are there any interesting books you have found out there for 2nd graders? What do you recommend for a wild, active, adventure seeking boy? I know he has a couple of Magic Treehouse to catch up on like the new one, Hurry Up Houdini.

I love that he is loving reading... So I want to keep that love going by always having good books on hand. So what good books have you guys checked out lately? Can you recommend any that he might enjoy or a series for me to check out? What do you recommend? I also want to find him a good devotional for boys. He is starting to read his bible more and I want to keep him going with that. I want him to understand the importance of devotional time. So I'm all ears! What is the go to series for your boys? What devotional do you like to use? Share away!!!

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  1. We have started reading some of the books in "Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus" A Guide to Creative Questioning for Elementary Grade Literature by Michael T. Bagley. We only read one of them so far...but it was superb!


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