Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Awesome Universal Studios Experience

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 So it's been quite a week :) Last weekend we got up and surprised my kiddo with a trip to Universal Studios. The new Transformer ride has been open a while and we really wanted to take him to experience it. Plus we knew they had the Transformer characters there as well. Needless to say, he was quite surprised when we told him where we were going. See we have a bad habit of saying we are going to do something boring and end up doing something awesome. ;-) I think that trick is going to get us in trouble... I think he has caught on to us and what we really mean. Here he is by the new Despicable Me ride and just look at that face. :)

We had a blast and got to see some awesome things. I love that he is old enough and tall enough to enjoy pretty much everything there. That's another thing I love about Universal. Just about every single ride there can be enjoyed by all. I'm not too big on thrill rides and roller coasters. Although the Transformers ride did almost push me to the limit.

We got to see Optimus Prime...
And good ole' Bumblebee too!!!

And my DS almost got eaten by a shark!!!

He just looks so frightened right?

I was also highly impressed with the staff there. See, one of the reasons we headed down last weekend was because of the Transformer 4-D ride. It was the reason we made the trip when we did. Living in Florida, you learn the best times to hit those theme parks. It was a beautiful day and we were ready to enjoy it! While standing in line, the first time, for the Transformer ride, we had to leave because the ride broke down and they were trying to fix it. Ok. That happens so we will go enjoy other things and come back, right? Well, we got back and the ride is now a 2 hour wait to just get to the ride. What 7 year old is willingly going to stand in line that long for a ride? (what parents really want to stand there ?) So we decided we would try something else and see how it was later. We had just decided that we weren't going to get to ride it this time when "Doc Brown" walked up and talked to us as we were sitting at the bench. You remember "Doc Brown" right?

My son started telling him about our experience with the ride and what had happened. Long story short, Doc Brown grabbed a few "NEST" agents from the ride and they escorted us to the front of the line!! WOW!! They did not have to do that at all but they chose to show amazing customer service and help a kiddo who get to ride an amazing ride. I was highly impressed with their customer service all day long and how well they treated guests. That instance just showed me even more how they take care of people in their parks. It was amazing and we couldn't believe it happened.

I just wanted to say thank you very much to Doc Brown and Universal Studios. I think one of the girl's names was Jasmine. We appreciate all you did for us and helping us to experience an amazing adventure! We definitely will recommend Universal Studios to our friends often.

Have you ever had a crazy experience at a theme park? What happened to you guys? Share with us!!

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