Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful/Throwback Thursday

This week I'm combining thankful Thursday with some throwback Thursday pictures. ;) I just thought it would be neat to do both. So here goes!!

First, Thankful Thursday...

I'm thankful for great friends who are there to listen to you vent, cry, be frustrated and bounce ideas off of. 
I'm thankful for warm coffee in the morning. 
I'm thankful for a warm hoodie that I can feel buried in when it's cold outside. 
I'm thankful for a goofy dog and crazy kid that never cease to have me in giggles before the day is over. 
I'm thankful for laughs that make you cry. 
I'm thankful that when you are going through tough decisions in life you are never alone. There's always someone around you going through them too. You work together, cry together and lift each other up... Together. 

I'm thankful that God has got everything figured out and that all I have to do is stop, be still and listen to what He wants to tell me. 

Now, some #TBT pics. :) Boy these bring back some memories ;) First off, me as a kiddo.. 
Wow...That's old ;) LOL 

Now my kiddo. He was so tiny!!

He is growing up entirely too fast for me. 

So what are you Thankful for this week or what are you remembering this Thursday?

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