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Keyboard Classroom Review

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Typing has been kind of second nature for me. I remember starting when I was a teenager in computer class. My mother also had an older typing program that I practiced on at home a lot. It was something fun to do for me. Now my Mom can not believe the speed I have on my typing. What made it easier for me to type and to also speed up? Repetitive practice. Practice, practice and more practice.

That is the premise behind the Keyboard Classroom educational program we reviewed recently. They have a wonderful program to teach your children typing the correct way. Your child can have fun while learning how to use a keyboard correctly and grow in their typing skills.

Let's face it. Computers and typing are taking over written communications. Emails are taking over the old letter sending. E-cards are a way to send your greetings without having to hand write anything. While we still do hand written cards and notes, typing is a skill that is necessary for life. Some get away with a one finger approach but it is not really a good option to take. Learning the valuable skill of typing and how to use the keyboard is a skill for life, job and the future.

The program comes with a CD and finger guards. You can see the finger guards up in the picture above. Those attach to the computer keyboard to keep your child's hands in the proper home position. I tried them out myself and for me, they were difficult to work with. I think that is because I know how to type and my fingers didn't like the extra in the way . ;-) For my son, it was a different story. It helped him to keep his fingers in the proper position and really know where "home" is.

The basics of the program per the Keyboard Classroom video are :
- One minute exercises- A student must be fluent before moving on to the next program of study.
- Systematic Pacing
- Proper Finger Positioning

Once your student has mastered a skill they are rewarded. They can earn ranks in the system and also earn tokens that they can redeem and play games in the program.

The program is geared towards the attention spans of children aged 7-14 years. My almost 8 year old seemed to enjoy what he did. We can easily go on, practice or time ourselves on a few of the exercises and log out for the day.

Some of the typing skills your children will learn include:

- Finger Training
- Typing Words Fluently
- Home Stretch Fluency
- Typing Sentences
- Capital Stretch

All these skills will have your child typing successfully before you know it. This program is great for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to help their child learn how to use a keyboard the proper way.

You can check out this video to get an overview and see some of the exercises your child will do.

Be sure to stop by and check out the whole system and see if it could be a great addition to your curriculum.

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  1. That is so cool! I am happy they have something like that especially for homeschoolers who won't get a computer/typing class in the regular classroom. It can be a great help for anyone who doesn't know how to type correctly, though. I don't even like to write anymore. It is easier and faster for me to type.


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