Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Review - Lots of Fun!

This week we had lots of fun. I keep waiting for the fussing, arguing to come but thankfully so far it hasn't. You know that when will be done??? whining that always tends to come? Well thank the Lord, we are moving right along so far. I know it will come (either from him or from me) so for now awe are enjoying it. We got a lot accomplished this week.

So here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods.

The picture to the left was our lunch date yesterday. We had our last science Robotics class so we went to lunch first.

School work
I love it when I find something that he loves. I am so excited when he asks for more, more, more! That is exactly what he's been doing this week with our Science. I'm telling ya. Apologia is awesome!

So in our Science we have covered all of chapter one and into chapter two this week. We learned all about astronomy and the scientists responsible for a few of the ways we learn about it this week. We also started studying the sun. He is absolutely loving this. He even does all the Notebooking assignments without complaint. The only complaint he had this week was when I told him he had to finish chapter 1's assignments before I could start reading again :)

Our math is moving along quite well also. He's doing great learning how to regroup and I'm really enjoying the progress I'm seeing with this curriculum.

He is also doing well on his PACES and took a test this week. He'll take another today and we will start on the final few of his 2nd grade year.

Fun Things This Week...
I find myself more excited about adding in fun things. I truly believe I was just burned out and didn't really know how to add in fun items to our day. I'm finding myself making more of an effort to do so now. This week we did a project out of our Art Around The World book. We worked on salt crystal snowflakes. I had a lot of fun doing it as well. Honestly, we have to make our own snow here!

We finished up  our Robotics science class and signed up for the next session which is all about birds. I'm glad he can finally take these classes this year :). He's loving them and I'm loving the excitement he's showing.

We had some help this week on our Science too. ;) She is sooo enjoying us being back to homeschool. She likes to come listen and learn as well. :)

We have a few things on the agenda today so we will hopefully finish up the week with a bang. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you had a great week. What fun things did you do this week? Be sure to check out the links below and share your weeks :).I'm also linking up with Homegrown Learners Collage Friday!

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  1. So glad it's still going well!! I wish we had to make our own snow ;).


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