Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning to Lean...

When we started the process of buying a house, after we signed and had the contract accepted, my dad told me something. He said basically we have just jumped into a cardboard box and are sliding down the hill. Once we close on the home, the box will stop at the bottom. Boy was he right. He said when humps or bumps come up and try to stress us out, it's the mortgage/realtor telling us to lean in the box. So we lean. then we lean again. This way and that way until we are at the bottom of the hill, still in tact and with a new home.

Well I think today was a bump or lean into the curve that my son threw my way.

Today we tried getting back into the swing of our homeschool routine. See last week was light because we sort of took an unintentional spring break. We did lots of fun stuff and took a break so now we need to get back to it right? Maybe not so much. This morning he had a melt down Trying to get his math review sheet done and he had already worked on his PACES. I just couldn't figure it out. Then we stopped and talked. He's stressed out too. I know I am but just imagine being 7 and going through this.

Your whole house is in an uproar. Things are in boxes and not in shelves any more. Your toys are being packed away and Mom and Dad are constantly running doing things on the phone or on the computer. Constant trips back and forth to a strange, new, exciting and scary house that will be your new home. You can't remember ever living anywhere else than where you are now because you were too young to.

Now you're being told you're going to a new home, changing churches, changing areas of where you live. Learning new crooks and crannies of a home. Playing in a new backyard, that while it's exciting, is also a little scary. Trying to make life happen normally everyday, when it is far from it.

While I am stressed, frustrated with new things in the way or living out of boxes, I had to stop and remember my kiddo is dealing with all this too. He's learning to lean with Daddy and Me. The box has all of us, not just the two of us. He is in the middle of this too.

So we are learning to lean a different way with our schooling. We are going to focus on different ways to school such as documentaries on Netflix, tons of reading on subjects we enjoy and a little math here and there. Learning to lean was not just for us. It is also for me to realize we have a little passenger that is learning to lean with us too. We just have to make it easy and natural for him to lean with us with as little stress as possible.

Now we are on a new adventure for the next few weeks/month. So we will hang on to the sides. Maybe we will let go and throw our hands up in the air and enjoy the wind through our hair. Maybe we will cling on for dear life. But we will do one thing. We will learn to lean. Lean into the curves of this journey down the hill. Lean on the One who can help us smoothly and safely down. Lean on our friends and family and each other when we are just about to pull our hair out. We will keep leaning and we will be to the bottom of that hill in no time.

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