Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...

So this week so far, we have cleaned out some of the trash/junk in the house. I took the challenge and am trying to take it out as I can. I'm not quite doing a bag a day but at least things are moving out right?

Have you thought about doing the challenge??

While trying to plan our weekly lessons and events, someone wanted to make sure I included her in our planning...

And we did a Science experiment with M&M's this week. I do have to say, it makes you think twice when you actually experiment on the food you eat...


  1. Hmmm.. Given my current situation, this is perfect timing. I think I'll do this.

    1. Awesome Michelle! It's definitely an excited thing to do. With us trying to buy a house it works perfect timing for us as well :)


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