Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week in Review - Craziness!

Boy has this week been crazy. Last week I was fighting the crud and this week's victim was Boo Bear. He had to go to the doc on Tuesday because with his Reactive Airways Disease  (they don't call it asthma yet) things affect him differently. So with breathing treatments I think we are getting it under control. They will eventually test him for asthma and it will possibly be different later on. So with sickness hanging out, trying to look for a house... Here's what we got done ;-)

Last weekend our Cub Scout Pack had their Pinewood Derby. We are super excited to say that Boo Bear's car won 1st place in the Wolf Den and 2nd Place overall. Our car actually got down the track this year! WE were super excited and in a couple weeks we will be going to district. Needless to say , he was super excited!!!

As far as school goes we are working on getting caught up with crazy schedules this week and last. We are moving right along and loving every minute of it. We got to do our science project last week with our chocolate bars. That was a lot of fun and tasty too :). We are loving Apologia as usual and here's a shot of our experiment from them...

We are also working on our math and hoping to finish up chapter 4 this week. My plans were to finish that a week ago but between sickness and craziness, sigh, tis the Joy of Homeschool!!! We can switch stuff around.

Boo Bear started his next science class Thursday and this series is all about birds. So we have been bird watching and using our binoculars to help him with his journal. That's probably what we will do this weekend. I think a nature hike is in order to see what we can find.

I've also taken on the challenge of getting rid of stuff in the house. You can read it here and see what others are doing with it. I'm hoping that since we are moving we can get rid of some stuff and keep it out of the new house. When we find it LOL. Please keep us in your prayers for knowing where we need to move. IT's a lot of work finding a house then going through the contract process.

Here's a snapshot of Boo Bear hard at work with his faithful buddy right beside him. ;) She is loving our new homeschool life.

So how was your week? I hope you had a great one! We will see you around! Be sure to check out other weeks by connecting with the linkups below.

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  1. What a great achievement for your son to win the derby.

    1. Thank you Dawn! He was super excited ;)

  2. You go Boo! So proud of your accomplishments. Hope you can learn more about birds and teach me. I love birds.

    1. He's loving it and has been looking out for birds all weekend with his binoculars.


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