Monday, April 14, 2014

Mary, Did You Know?

As we approach Easter, my heart is filled with a million different feelings. Emotions run rampant whenever I think of what my Lord has done for me. For you. For the world. Even though I don't deserve it and have let Him down more times than I care to admit, He did all this for me.

As I was watching the Easter program at church yesterday my mind, thoughts and heart went to Mary. As a mother of a son, I can understand her now more than I ever thought I could. Oh, I always thought how difficult it would be to let your son go and die for a world that shunned him, hated and beat him. But I never truly knew what it would mean to have your heart live outside of your body until my child was born.

Now I sit in tears as I think of the pain she must have felt watching her child being beaten and spit on. The anger that comes out in mothers when their child is being treated poorly. The "mother hen" reaction and the drive to protect your child from a world that is cruel and unkind.

I now understand the deep and unique love that mother's have for their children. I understand the longing to keep your child safe and to protect them at all costs.

I can not, however, imagine the pain and deep sadness that she must have felt watching her son crucified. I could not imagine the anguish of having to bury your own child and to watch him bear the weight of the world, literally, on his shoulders.

As I watch my son play, grow and learn, I can imagine Mary doing the same thing. Watching on with delight and joy in her heart but also knowing that one day, her son would travel a path she couldn't go on.

We do that too. We watch our children grow and learn but there's not always room for us on the path they must take. Some journeys they have to take alone.

I hope you take time this week and remember the great sacrifice that was given for you. Remember that everything He went through, was for you. Every strike of the whip, every hit of the hammer, every single thing was for you.

I thank Mary for her willingness to be used by God. For saying yes when she was a young girl about to be married. For teaching us as mother's we can love our children, teach them and help them grow but we must at eventually let go.

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  1. I love that song, but I, too, can not imagine standing by and watching my son be beaten, whipped, spit at and crucified. My heart, without God, would not be able to withstand it. I believe the only reason Mary could do it, is she knew from the beginning what His journey would entail and knew it was for a greater purpose than she could even imagine. She was definitely a God-called woman.


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