Monday, April 21, 2014

A Beautiful Easter...

This weekend was a very nice weekend. We enjoyed family time together working on the house and added in some surprises for our little guy. We are on the last week or so waiting for the closing of our new home. So with stuff in boxes scattered around, it's hard to just have fun and do "normal" at home things. So we took to the movies this weekend. We took Boo Bear to see Rio 2 this weekend. It was a nice break. Our favorite theater is in the retirement community here and it's awesome. It's like an old barn and is decorated with old John Deere Tractors and lovely wood decorations. We then walked around the craft festival they had going on. We have been going to movies in that area for a while now. It is a much nicer atmosphere and a nicer theater section than the one in our town.

Sunday was such a nice family day celebrating Easter. We had a wonderful time at church and then out for lunch.

As you can see it was kind of cloudy and overcast all day. At least it didn't rain during the egg hunt! Daddy helped out with the process of finding them by stuffing tiny pieces of dog treats in them so Molly could locate them with Boo Bear. She was all excited but not sure why. :-) They had a blast working together and finding all the eggs....

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter.

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