Saturday, August 23, 2014

Big Easy Brands Infuser Water Bottle Review

**I received this water bottle for free in return for my honest opinion in this review. All opinions are mine. **

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Big Easy Brands
I have wanted to try infused water bottles for quite sometime, so I was super excited to get this opportunity. I have always disliked drinking plain water. My parents couldn't even get me to drink it when I was a baby. I only like plain water in certain, extremely hot outside, occassions. :-)

This water bottle is by Big Easy Brands and offers me a way to naturally flavor my water. While I do drink lots of water with things like True Lemon or Crystal Light, I love the fact that this is nothing but water and fruit. It's simple and healthy and refreshing.

The bottles run for $10.97 on Amazon Prime right now. It's a nice sturdy bottle and is easy to fill and go.

I put frozen strawberries in mine and I also tried frozen peaches. The strawberries were by far my favorite one. I used a little bit of Stevia to give it a hint of sweetness and then guzzled it down!

The strawberries were frozen when I put them in and I just filled it with water and let it sit overnight. You don't have to do that but it gives it a stronger flavor the longer it sits.

It is easy to put your fruit in and forget it. This is what the lid and infuser look like.

Photo Credit:
Big Easy Brands

My son and I both enjoyed using this and are exploring more flavor infused waters. If you are interested in this fabulous bottle, check it out and buy it from Amazon here. The company was amazing to work with and were very helpful throughout the entire review process. Any question I had was responded to in a timely manner and made it easy to work with the products. They are easy to take with you and fit great in your cup holder in the car. That's a huge plus for me as we do lots of traveling with our homeschooling. It's easy for me to fill it up and grab it as we run out the door on a field trip.

I enjoyed working with this bottle and use it almost every day. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

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