Friday, August 22, 2014

Week In Review: Let The Field Trips Begin!!

This week has seen two field trips in one week! Two! But you know I wouldn't change it for anything. We live for this kind of stuff. (Now we just have to get book work caught up).We started school a few weeks ago just for this very thing. Since we have gotten a jump on things, I don't mind the field trips and things that are now gearing up.

Monday we had a Not Back To School get together. This is always fun and was more spontaneous for us than anything. I just got up and said yep, let's go. :)

Love that our kids spent the day here...

We had an exciting field trip to our science and industry museum a couple hours south of us. We had the honor of having Nana and Great Grandma with us too! I love these days because it helps the grandparents get involved with schooling too. My parents always end up with us somewhere doing something as well. It helps me feel like they are a part and I know it does them too :)

This shot just blew my mind away. I knew we had one from a couple years ago but this one just really puts it in perspective of how much he has grown. Remember, in the first picture she is squatted ;).

We had a blast learning about 3D printers. Did you guys know how amazing those things are?!? They can do pretty much anything you want it to and then some. Some of the creations they had were just out of this world!

We also had fun with Boo Bear trying to get through the body tube challenges they had. He had to basically belly crawl through them and figure out how to maneuver to get through them.

We did get some work done this week :). We are moving right along with all our subjects. We really are enjoying the ease of use and shorter lessons on our grammar/writing/spelling curriculums. We also got a new desk set up that I'm super excited about! Here's a sneak peek at it and you can check out the post by clicking here.

I discovered a new book series that my DS loves. He read the first book in two days. Granted there are lots of pictures but it is a chapter book that drew him in. Whatever it takes to help him develop that love of reading ;). I just love the fact he is reading. Then he tried another book out that we picked up and enjoys it too. Here he is reading to our sweet pup about a dog detective...

We also are moving along in our math and science. He is loving the animal science and I'm loving the lapbook instead of the notebook for right now. He is learning a lot and having a fun time doing it.

We also started Cub Scouts back this week. We are about to add Science classes once a week in a few weeks. Whew! With all these new things starting up, it's going to be an exciting, fun and crazy year I think! What about you ? What were you guys up to this week? Don't forget to check out other posts or link yours up below!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Field Trips he did grow up fast looking at those pictures...Enjoy your school year!

    1. Yes he did Melissa! We love them too and couldn't survive without them :)

  2. My children would love to have two field trips in one week. Actually they would like to have one. That is a goal for this year -- more outings.

    1. :) Beth it's a must for us. I think it is for homeschoolers in general :). They make such a difference and I hope you get to do more this year! You'll all love it!


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