Friday, August 1, 2014

Last Week Before...

This week is our last week before getting into 3rd grade full on. We have had a nice downtime for the past couple of weeks and both of us are ready for the routine of school again. I will be doing lesson plans this weekend for the next couple of weeks. We are trying a new plan this year of being on for six weeks and off for one week breaks. We haven't really done that before and I think it will be a breath of fresh air and life into our school year. So here's a look back at what we did this week.

I have been working on several reviews for upcoming blog posts. It's always exciting working on reviews and using new products. This helps me find all sorts of new items we can use. Here's one fun review we are working on now.

We are still working on some math so that we don't completely lose our go-juice. He's been doing well and wanting to add more subjects in so that's good.

We are about to start Multiplication so any tips for remembering them would be great!

Boo Bear has been stuck in his room a lot this week by his own choice. He has been having some downtime playing with his LEGOS. He LOVES those things and he amazes me everyday with some of the things he builds.

We also had some fun family time with game night. We all love playing Life and I crack up everytime my son ends up with a car full of younguns. ;-)

Next week will be our first back to school post for the 3rd grade year. Can't wait!

So what have you been up to this week? What exciting adventures have you gone on?

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Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. ...hahah! we crack up at our girls, because they get soooo upset when they don't get to have any children. They would love a car load of "younguns!" As for tips for memorizing multiplication facts...repetition is tried and true. However, we use Singapore math and they have some excellent ways understand mulitplication so that you don't have to do so much remembering. They teach you to understand numbers and their relationship to one another. We started it in third grade and will use it from now on. Example: they teach the child to say two twos is four; 3 twos is 6; 4 twos is on and so forth. It was really effective for our kid.

    Happy Homeschooling to you and yours! We cant wait to get started back this year!

    1. Thank you so much!! We used Singapore and Math Mammoth so it's kind of doing that. I know he loves songs and some have used songs to learn multiplication that way. We have flash cards and we shall see how it goes ;) Hopefully your girls will get some younguns when they play again hahaha!

  2. Legos are awesome! I am trying to plan ways to use them more in our studies this year with my youngest. We have LOADS of them so why not use them! Have a great weekend and upcoming week!

    1. That sounds awesome! We are working on a LEGO club for our homeschool group too. Such fun!


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