Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our New School Set Up...

We have been homeschooling for awhile. Originally we had a room where we could close the door and pretend school stuff was hidden. Now it was great until we had guests come in from out of town. Then I had to make a mad dash to make it not so much a homeschool room but more of a guest room. Now we have moved and I love our open floor plan. One of the things we wanted was a separate homeschool from guest room set up. That is what we got!

Now I have the glorious separation BUT I don't have a door to hide our school room area. I love our new set up but I have been long wanting a new desk area for Boo Bear and I to work together with. He's past the time where I could basically sit beside him and tell him a few things then let him work. Now there's more teaching involved and I would rather sit across from him.

For the first few weeks of school I have been standing across from him at our kitchen bar. While this is fine, it does make for tired feet after standing the whole school time. When he's working on an assignment he'd prefer me stay in the same room. So I have been dreaming up a desk that I could work with him and still be in the same room with him, but get to the computer should I need to.

Thankfully my sweet hubby took us to IKEA yesterday after our field trip. And we got our desk setup!! I can't wait to get started today!

If you haven't been to IKEA you simply must find one near you! This store is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I always see homeschooler ideas out there and it inspired our set up. Here it is!

Each of the drawers are labeled with what subject goes into it. He has one for his supplies and there are some left over for extra work. These will be used for items like Cub Scout work and other arts ideas we come up with.

I really like this one because it is moveable so we can adjust it if we have company coming over. It's great for me to sit across from him and we are super excited to try it out! Let's see how it goes!

So what does your school set up look like? Do you school everywhere or do you have a specific place to do your daily work?

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