Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We Made It!

We made it through our first day of 3rd grade yesterday! Wahoo! Now onto the 179 days left of school, right?

I'm super excited about our school year this year. Course it is also a little daunting as we are adding in many more activities too. We are adding in a Co-op this year which we are really excited about. Cub Scouts is still a go as it is our 3rd year in the Scouts.

Our curriculum choices this year make it really easy for me to plan our days. You can check out what we are using by clicking here. I'm really happy with how easy they seem to be for planning and that Boo Bear is understanding them and they are not hour long sessions for each subject.

Let's face it. Boys don't like to sit for long periods of time in the first place. Put subjects of work they don't like in front of them and watch them run for the hills!

Our choices for this year are working great for us and we really enjoy them. We are also using this year the schedule of a six week session with one week breaks. We are all looking forward to that too :).

Have you started back yet? When is your start date?

Stick around to see how this year goes and share with us how your year is going!

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