Sunday, June 29, 2014

Introducing... Our 2014-2015 Curriculum Choices!

So after lots of researching and hunting and praying... We finally have our curriculum lineup for our third grade year. It has taken some searching this year because some of the things we used to do didn't work for us. That's one of the beauties of homeschooling. We can change curriculum to fit our learning styles and interests at the time. Here are our choices.

Math - Math Mammoth

I decided to stick with the Math Mammoth program this year again. I contemplated going back to Singapore math but I was slightly concerned that we would have problems. I have talked this over with my curriculum expert, A.K.A my dad, and he said it should be simple to transition when we need to in higher grades. This program runs through 6th grade and it was one of the two I liked the most. I enjoy that I can print out the lessons as we go and it also has several program additions, such as websites, to get extra help if we need it. 

Science - Apologia Land Animals 

My son loves animals. I mean REALLY loves animals. As in watches animal shows, documentaries, shark week etc of his own choice. He can tell you pretty much anything you want to know and then some when it comes to these creatures. So it was just a given that he would choose land animals for this year's science. We love the Apologia Science series so I am excited to do another one this year. We are going to try something a little different. We are going to do the lapbooks you can get here instead of the notebooking journals. We have tried those for two years and while I like them, he is not a fan. So I want to get more hands on items he can do and see if that helps. 

Grammar - Growing With Grammar


This is a new program for us. We tried continuing with ACE Paces last year and it did not work for us. He is not one that likes to sit and work for hours on end. He learns heavy on the auditory side so that's what we are gearing lessons towards this year. I have heard a lot of good things about this program so I am excited to start it. It is geared for three days a week with shorter lessons. 

Winning With Writing

Same thing with his writing program this year. This one will be five days a week and I hope it works well for us. 

Soaring With Spelling
 I am excited about this program. It not only teaches them spelling but also the definitions of the words as well. I am excited for him to do this as it has several activities each day of the week to help with getting the words down pat. I am going to most likely add something to this for him to study. I will type up his spelling words each week and have him take it with him to learn from the sheet. Either type it up or use index cards for learning the words and definitions each week. These are larger words and he will have to remember definition and spelling throughout the program. I also like that each week has a space for a word, or a few words, you may have missed on the prior weeks test. 

We are going to be starting up a co-op type of meeting with our homeschool group this year as well. We will get together for a few different events and study different topics together. We will be able to work on projects and more as a group and be able to teach the kids working together and getting more hands on learning experiences. We have lots of field trips planned and I can't wait to see what 3rd grade has in store for us. 

What does your curriculum look like this year? What exciting new things are you trying out? 

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  1. Looks like we both have a current 3rd grader - my kids are in public school this year, but we plan to homeschool them starting in the fall. I am beginning to make my plans for each of their curriculum selections for the upcoming year. My post brainstorming our 4th grade options is here - Would love to hear your thoughts and specifically if you have any experience with any of the packages we are considering as we are just in the early planning stages right now :)


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