Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do You Take Mom's Time Off?

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I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of Mom's Night Out at Redbox. I mean really... counting down the days and I was one of the first ones there yesterday :). I have been really wanting to see this movie since I've seen all the advertisements and Facebook posts.

Yesterday was my sweet, awesome hubby's birthday and so we had movie night together. Well, actually, I picked it out without him having a say. But he did laugh just as hard as I did.

This amazing movie hit right in the heart last night. It follows a few mom's dealing with everyday life as we all do. It talks about how much pressure we put on ourselves as mom's. It's amazing what we do to ourselves and how guilty we make ourselves. I totally connected with Allie in the movie. She's me. Or I'm her or whichever it goes.

This was such a nice change of pace from most movies today. It didn't have any language or anything that you wouldn't want your families to see. It is such a breath of fresh air to see movies like this out now. I'm loving all the family friendly movies with a positive and uplifting message.

So Mama's, take some time and watch this movie with the whole family. Let it encourage you in this walk we are all on together. Let God breathe some fresh breath into you. Remember that you're not on this journey alone and that God didn't make a mistake when He chose you to be the Mama to your beautiful children.

Take time for yourself so God can refresh you and replenish you. You can be your best for your family when you take time to breathe.

If you haven't seen it yet, run out and rent it, buy it whichever you like. I think this is going on my Christmas wishlist!

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