Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaf Hunting and Painting...

Fall is upon us. Now granted, fall for us is a little different than other places. Here we get glimpses of fall every few days or so. A couple of days in the lower 60's to 70's then back up to the 80's, maybe even 90's. This is how our fall in Florida works.

So when we get a few days like that, we love to try and do as much fally stuff as we can. Like go out and sit under the trees and enjoy this fabulous weather.

Or in the case of crafts, making something out of the many leaves that happen to fall off those trees.

While our leaves don't turn quite as brilliant shades of gold and red as others, we do get a few shots here and there of the beautiful trees.

I decided I wanted to add in more arts and crafts into our homeschool day. A lot of times I find us falling into a rut of just getting the basics done to get it over with. I hate when it gets that way and so does Boo Bear.

So we took a journey outside last week and decided to find us some leaves to paint with. It's a fairly simple but fun craft you can do with kids of all ages.

You'll need leaves, paint and sheets of paper you would like to use. We used basic construction paper and even added some glitter to it. Feel free to adorn your leaf paintings with whatever you wish.

We all went out for a walk last week and chose some favorite leaves to try this out with. Apparently leaf hunting was tough work for Molly. ;-)

Once we had our leaves we then sat down with our paint, paintbrushes and let our imagination go.

You want to paint the back of the leaf and then gently press it down on the paper. This should make the impression onto the paper of the leaf you chose.

While our's worked some, it didn't quite make it all the way as to what my vision was. :) When I saw this craft online I really thought ours would turn out the same. But that's the fun thing with crafts, right? You never know how they will actually turn out?

He decided to just paint in the outline of the leaf and add glitter to make it sparkle.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that crafts do this too. Right? It doesn't always work out like the pictures??? :-) HAHAHA! 

Our plan is to try many more fun and exciting projects and crafts and share them with you. Hopefully they work but if they don't, it's still fun trying!! 

What crafts do you like to do in the fall? Do you have a favorite? Share it with me so we can try them too!!

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