Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekly Review - Field Trip, Lunch and More

I'm sharing my week with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, Homegrown Learners and Home to 4 Kiddos

This past week has been a blast. Full of ups, downs, ins and outs. The end of last week we had an awesome trip down to the Aquarium. It was homeschool day and the price was drastically reduced. I'll say this. While we did enjoy ourselves, I'm not sure I would want to go pay full price for it. We had a good time once we got in and could spread out a little. It was definitely a first for me. The homeschool days we have attended have been busy but not like this one was. Whew!!! 

We saw some "famous" fish while we were there ;). For some reason the Ninja Turtles were underwater and we saw one of Boo Bear's favorite underwater creatures. Sharks. 

You see them right? Nemo and Dori together??? Oh and I love the way that the ray's always look like they are smiling at ya :).

The first question my husband asked me when he saw this is why are there Lemur's at the aquarium... I couldn't answer him except to say there was a Madagascar section there. Weird huh ? 

The highlight of that day was definitely lunch with Nana ;)

Of course, my kiddo couldn't just smile for the camera. He has taken to making silly faces all the time now. I have to say, honey, be serious for just a second so I can get a smiling pic. :) This just shows his personality and I love it!

We are still struggling to get back into some sort of school routine. With his allergies/asthma on high alert, things are a little more difficult than usual. But I do believe towards the end of this week were getting better. I have full confidence next week will be even better. 

I do have to say that this year we went with Apologia Lapbooks by Knowledge Box Central. We have done Apologia Notebooks for two years prior to this. He is absolutely loving the lapbook. I am so proud of his work on it and how he jumps right in. Also this week I had him read his science pages. If you've been here before you know reading was a trial for us. I just wanted him to start reading a little more and he read it beautifully. I couldn't be more proud of him!

We also had a park day with our homeschool group and science class this week. Cub Scouts was Monday as well. Whew! 
I do have a couple questions this week ;). Do you have any favorite sites for multiplication practice? We are doing that right now in math. And how do you come back from a break? Does it take you three weeks to get back? Please tell me I'm not alone in this !!! :-) 

Hope you had a wonderful week and see you around!


  1. Jen - honestly, we try not to take breaks where we are totally away from school. It's so hard to get my kids back into the swing of things. lol

    Love the lunch with Grandma an the aquarium. The best way, we found, was flash cards and some Ipad apps for multiplication.

    1. He loves flash cards, come to find out ;) I'm wondering if we need to tweak our breaks too :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We love field trips. However, we have to do ours on the weekends when it's usually crowded since my kids don't like doing school on the weekends if they can help it. The challenges of a working outside the home parent is not being able to enjoy some of the great side benefits of homeschooling weekday field trips. The Aquarium has always been one of our most fun adventures though.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nita! We do some on the weekends too so Daddy can go with us :)

  3. Breaks are tough to recover from for us too.

  4. We take very short breaks. We go on a schedule of 5 weeks on 1 week off. The get 5 to 6 weeks during the summer.The kids seem to do really well with only short breaks instead of long summer and winter breaks.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I'm thinking we will keep trying it this year and just hopefully get into the swing of it quicker after he gets used to the routine :)


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