Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Counting On...

Today especially I need this post. My heart is broken for a family dear to me and having time to sit and count our blessings is imperative. So... here's my count to 1000 gifts this week..

41. I'm extremely thankful and blessed to have known the precious lady from our church who passed this week. She was an inspiration to her family and to all who knew her. I only got a short time with her but in that short time, she showed how to live with faith, joy and live every moment to it's fullest.

42. I'm thankful for a wonderful church family that God has so richly given us.

43. I'm thankful for a great group of friends surrounding my son. He's got a wonderful group to turn to and it's amazing watching them all grow together.

44. I'm glad that some of the big events I was planning have passed. Now maybe things can calm down.

45. I'm thankful for time with family and for the laughter that is sure to ring out.

46. I'm thankful for being able to learn in all sorts of ways apart from strictly book work.

47. For the piles of laundry that I need to work on. The piles that never seem to disappear and reappear just as soon as I finished them.

48. The toys around the house and on the counter and on my desk and in the tub.

49. The loud noises and crazy contraptions that my son builds.

50. My amazing, wonderful, talented and patient hubby. He's awesome and such a blessing to us.

So what are you thankful for? What blessings can you count and share with us?

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  1. I am thankful to have met that precious lady. I am also thankful for you and your precious family.


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