Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Review: Adding in Some New...

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This week has been pretty crazy. Remember how I've talked about having an issue saying no or just not keeping myself running all the time? Well I've noticed a trend. When the fall hits, I don't stop. Not until January at least. This week was the culmination of the beginning of that crazy season. I had a blast and so did Boo Bear and the hubby. But we are worn out. ;-) So who knows what today will hold. We aren't sure if we are going out tonight or staying home and watching movies. Here's why:

This past weekend we had the trunk or treat at our church. It was the first one and it was a huge hit thanks to all the help we had. I am so blessed to be at an awesome church where everyone pitches in and has a great time doing so. I even got into the festivities and made a costume this year. Whew! Of course it took so long to do my hair and it had so much gunk in it, but guess what. Everyone suggests I do my hair like that more often. What do you think?

We then had our Cub Scout carnival on Monday night. Whew! We are carnival'd out! See why I said we weren't sure what we were doing tonight?

We did get school worked on this week too. I added in some more subjects including history, geography and some art and music. I'm trying to add more fun to our days. Does anyone else feel like they get in a rut and only get the basics done? That's where we were and so we added in some this week.

He is loving it. We are working on our state capitals. He's doing well and I'm pretty impressed. Stack the States helped him learn the shapes of the states and where they are located. Now we are learning more...

I got a few state print outs from a website and created his own little booklet for this study.

We are also learning in history about some famous people. This week was George Washington, Paul Revere and Thomas Jefferson. We are watching episodes of Liberty's Kids to supplement our reading.

We finished chapter five in our science book. He's hard at work on his lapbook that goes along with it and we are moving right along. We may have to have another science curriculum before 3rd grade is over but no one's complaining. Science classes also start back up next week so that's extra too.

He also is developing a love of drawing . I'm so glad as Mama doesn't have that creative bone but Dad does. He was drawing a Tasmanian Devil yesterday as we learned about it in science.Don't you love his bat necklace? So festive, right?

I'm also excited because we got a new review product yesterday and I can't wait to start using it. Has anyone used it before? I use the Jesus Calling devotional for adults and this one is for kids. I can't wait to check it out and share it with you guys!

Well, that's about all we got into this week. We did a new art project this week too but we haven't completed it so I'll share that next week.

What do you do on Halloween? Do you keep it at home? Do you head out for festivals ?

See you around the blogosphere!


  1. Jenni how funny that our home parallels yours in so many ways...we are using the same printables for our States teachings...WE LOVE THat Jesus Calling book and used it for years..passed on to another homeschooler to use...Drawing is HUGE in our home right now.... make sure you check out the Art for Kids site (see my post on this) if you have a computer or IPAD accessible for him...HE WILL LOVE IT! Enjoy your week and Happy Halloween!

    1. It is funny! I was just over at your blog and signed up for the newsletter from Rob's site! Can't wait to show that to J when he gets up this morning ;)

  2. Great advise on slowing things down. I only stop when I go on vacation. Working outside the home is a great diversion though, but doesn't get to the meat of the issue - I like being busy :-D I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  3. Oh, yeah! I'm definitely feeling like we are in a rut here! :sigh: We get our core done - Language Arts, Math, Science and History - and the kids have one activity each week, but so little else! No field trips! I'm feeling the urge to "spice things up"...We'll be going in town for Halloween games and a magic show, trick or treating to a few houses, a couple of hours tops. It's going to be CHILLY!

  4. All too often I feel like we're in a rut, and so I end up throwing out the plans and changing it all up.

    Your hair does look good like that, but I'd be with you and whine about how long it took to get it done.


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