Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday - On Our Way!

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51. I'm thankful for beautiful weather and cooler temperatures. More outside time is awesome!!!

52. I'm thankful for science classes starting back today. My kiddo loves them and I love the adult chatting time with friends.

53. Homemade Chinese food. It's easy to whip up some chicken with broccoli and fried rice on those nights you want something different but don't want to go out.

54. I'm thankful for upcoming review opportunities and exciting news I'll share with you in a future post!

55. An awesome job. I know I've mentioned it before but it really is great to work at home. I love what I do and love the opportunities it opens up for us.

56. Thanksgiving holiday coming up. I'm thankful for this time to see family, friends and enjoy each others company.

57. Giggling with my son. He comes up with some things some times that just makes me laugh till I cry. There's nothing like that kind of laughter ringing through your home.

58. Picnics at the park. Science class starting back means more picnics and park days.

59. The opportunity to treat my kiddo to pizza because he met his reading goal for the month of October. Can you tell he's excited?

60. The opportunity to celebrate a very precious lady today. Tonight we will celebrate her life and the legacy she leaves behind. We will wrap our arms around her family and share laughter and tears. We will sing songs because that was what she loved to do. We will rejoice knowing she's walking the streets of gold with our Savior. We will be sad,  we will smile and we will love on each other while remembering a beautiful, wonderful woman. I was blessed to get the opportunity to meet her and know her and her family.

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