Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas Shopping is Upon Us! (Review and Giveaway with Affiliate Link)

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It's that time again! Time to give thanks and to start considering what Christmas gifts you want to get your loved ones. It can be hard at times to find that perfect present for your special someone, children or even your parents. The hardest people for me to buy for has to be my husband and my dad. Everyone else I pretty much have an idea.

So what do you do? Well, for those crazy hard to buy for guys, here's a few ideas.

1. Gift Card - These work well for everyone really. Do they have a favorite sporting goods place or electronics store they like to go to? Getting a gift card helps make sure they get exactly what they want. While it might have seemed impersonal before, this has taken on leaps and bounds to be the favorite of many. You know they will love it and they won't return it ;-).

2. Grilling Tools - Is your hubby or father/brother a grilling master like mine? Why not make a grilling basket for them? Place items like cleaning brushes, apron, charcoal, lighters etc in a nice gift basket package.

3. Music - There's a lot of ways to get their favorite music to them know. You can buy Itunes cards, CD's, digital downloads and so many other options. One new CD you may want to check out is the Colossus Badlands CD at Family Christian. This CD is a newer release and is one that fits those who love metal/rock and electronica music. It might fit my brother well as that is his type of music. It runs for $11.99 on the website.

4. Movie Passes - What about taking your favorite guy to the movies or giving him a pass to go when he wants to? There's always something good going on and they can take a Boy day :) . Our men in our life work hard and sometimes they need down time too.

5. DVD - Do they have a favorite movie they just love to watch over and over? Can you find it on DVD? If so, that's a great option as well. Family Christian offers a great variety of family friendly movies to check out. One that might be up their alley is the new movie, When the Game Stands Tall.

PreBuy & Save When the Game Stands Tall

So how about a little extra help buying those Christmas gifts this year? Would a Family Christian Appreciation Certificate help? Then enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!!! Don't forget to check out Family Christian and Our Journey to keep up with lots of posts and exciting giveaways to come. 


  1. I agree with Debbie, often a gift card.

  2. I usually get them a thoughtful gift that has to do with a shared memory or an ornament to do with their interests.


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