Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm Determined...

I'm determined. I'm determined to make this Christmas a beautiful and happy one. No matter what happens. It will be awesome. Do you know why? Because of this right here...


This year has been quite odd. I found out all my decorations from the past years were gone. While that was a tough lesson to learn, I caught it and was determined to move past that hurt and disappointment. I learned things were just things and that people and memories make the difference.

Then our friends got sick and we had to reschedule our Christmas get together. These are some of our best friends and we haven't seen them in awhile. Nobody's fault but disappointing the same, for all involved.

Then my husbands grandmother had to have surgery and we had to cancel/postpone that Christmas get together. Needless to say that smiling face up above has been quite disappointed that everything seems to be getting put off. Not sure why but we know these things happen for a reason.

Then... yes there's another then... My parents who were coming down for Christmas had a postponement to their trip. My father got sick and it has been quite an emotional weekend. While we are praising God he is better, we still all sit back and shake our heads thinking, what is up? What is the lesson we are missing here?

My husband is used to celebrating on different days than the actual holiday. Part of his growing up. Me? Not so much. So after last years first Christmas without my family, I was really looking forward to this one. It's just kind of been a shock to the system as what in the world is happening.

I know my kiddo, my husband and many friends have told me it doesn't even feel like Christmas.

So I'm determined. I'm determined to remind my hubby, myself and my son about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I'm determined to see smiles and laughter on Christmas morning no matter if it's just us or if we have family around.

I'm determined to listen to Christmas carols and thank God for sending His only son to die for me. For my sins. For my disobedience and sometimes (okay a lot of times) hardheadedness. I'm determined that we will remember this sacrifice and remember to say thank you.

I'm determined that whether we celebrate with family on the day of or the week after that it will be awesome, amazing and a Christmas to remember.

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