Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Stix Shortbread Cookie" Grain Free and Yummy!!!

 Happy first recipe of 2015 to ya! How are you? I shared this photo on a post last week and I promised I'd share the recipe so here it is!

First I have to say I was kind of skeptical about anyone else liking these. Not that the recipe didn't sound wonderful to me BUT, I'm pretty much the only one in my house that tries to stick to grain free/gluten free items.

I have issues with wheat, or at least I believe I do, and so I don't mind the different texture to baked goods. My boys on the other hand? No way.

I fixed this treat for a New Year's Eve party with our friends mainly so I'd stay away from bad stuff. I wanted a treat that I could eat without feeling guilty about as I get back on to my Primal/gluten free way of living. I can tell you I already feel better as I know I'm getting rid of the junk that messes me up.

I had no idea that these things would be such a hit and that my not gluten free friends would like them!

I was super pleased and pleasantly surprised that they were almost gone before the night was over.

I got the recipe from Jenny over at her blog which you can find by clicking here. I'd ask you to hit her site for the full recipe. I will tell you the things I used and you can find it all by clicking above.

I  used cashew flour for the cookie part and it was my first experience with it. I really like the texture of it and the way it turned out. You could also use almond flour but since I had cashew and wanted to use it, I did.

I would also use a different type of honey on mine the next time. While everyone else liked it I could definitely taste the wild flower honey I used. I would use a milder honey for the middle layer. Otherwise everything else was awesome!

I think this one is definitely a keeper!

So what is your favorite new recipe you've tried so far?


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