Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday

180. I'm thankful that everyday God speaks to you where you are. Maybe through your devotion. Maybe through a friend. Could be a family member or something someone else shares. Sometimes it's just a light bulb that goes off.

181. I'm thankful for changes coming about. You know the ones you make for health purposes. Yeah. Those. I'm thankful now that the results I'm going to see are positive.

182. I'm thankful for my home in the country where I can get out and walk around to clear my head.

183. I'm thankful for a son who never ceases to keep me laughing.

184. I'm thankful for the tough to get through days in homeschool, life, work whatever. Those days make the easier ones seem so much more of a blessing.

185. I'm thankful for Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. I have found some awesome ideas for new changes we are making in the house, our health and in our homeschool.

186. Fun field trips to get chased by a T- Rex.

187. A great report on my kiddos vision and how his eyes are progressing.

188. Learning to simplify and get rid of things that let me focus on my family more. Sometimes when you're doing stuff for the family you forget to do stuff WITH your family. 

189. Great friends, family and a church family that I can count on. 

So what are you thankful for this week? Share your blessings so we can rejoice together!

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