Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week in Review - The One with Knights, T-Rex and Sunburns

So much has gone on this week I can't even remember what all we did. That's crazy, huh? Here's a brief look at what all we had going on this week.

On the School Front... We have been trying some new things around here. You know those times when your planner says you're a week behind and you can't seem to catch up? Yeah. Well , grammar and writing are telling me that so we are working along. I'm stopping the let's catch up mentality and just going with where we are.

Math and Science we just got new curriculums to review and can't wait to share them with you. They are both online and Boo Bear really seems to enjoy that. I also started our Clever Dragon subscription as that has all subjects and he enjoys doing that program as well. I'm trying to shake it up a bit as we have seemed kind of monotonous and boring lately. Can't let that happen! He also seems to flourish online instead of sitting, writing and doing worksheets right now.

Life... We had two doctors appointments this week. Boo Bear's eye doctor went awesome. His vision is great and some problems they noticed are correcting themselves. Thankful for that report! That trip led us to see on of Boo Bear's favorite dinosaurs as well. The city where his eye doctor is is also where the museum of history is. He has a blast there and when we heard that T-Rex would be there this month, of course we had to go.

We discovered how the tail works to keep her balanced and how it helped in more ways than we could ever think of. Also how hard it was to balance that whole T-Rex with one little tail.

We saw through the eyes of a T-Rex and a Triceratops while we were visiting. Oh, and of course, we had our frightened, run away she's going to get you shot.

The other doctor's appointment this week was mine. While all my blood work is great, I am being sent for a few tests next week for something else. Prayers are greatly appreciated. While I'm trying not to worry about the future weeks testing, we decided another field trip was in order. (or rather I did).

The next town over has the Medieval Faire going on right now and we have never been. Some of our friends invited us to go with them and we had a blast.

There was a live chess match where Sheriff Nottingham and his men went up against Robin Hood. You can guess who won right?

This was really cool and apparently we sat on Nottingham's side... (We still secretly cheered for Robin)

It was a fierce battle for the spot on the chessboard.

There were coats of armor everywhere....

And my personal favorite? The Jousting competition. Wow was that awesome!!!

Oh and the sunburns? Well, only here in the South can you dress for winterish temps in the morning and be sunburned by the evening. :-) I always forget sunscreen when it's cooler out. Forgetting we are in the Sunshine State and it can become hot and sunny in no time. :) 

So that's just a taste of how our week went. Today we have a special surprise for our kiddo too. I'll share about that one next week!!!

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