Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

201. I'm thankful for our first married couples get together last week. It was quite nice and a much needed "date" night ;). Love that we have so many couples surrounding us that have years of married life wisdom to share.

202. For the sunshine. When the wind is blowing and it's crazy cold for this state, the sun helps to warm you up some.

203. My warm fuzzy socks. Without them, my feet would be freezing.

204. My MIL for giving me new warm fuzzy socks for Christmas.

205. Knowing that when life seems out of control, God has it all under control.

206. That my son ASKED to do a report this week. Asked. On his own.

207. Yummy dinners with the family.

208. Park days with friends. And then the library. Because the park was slightly cold. Then back to the park. It was a fun afternoon :)

209. Finding curriculum that works for my DS. Yes. We are still looking at things and stuff always changes around here. But when you find what works, you stick with it. Right now a couple of the review products are working wonderfully. So they will be hanging around. Stay tuned for more on that soon!!

210. Walking into a restaurant on Sunday after church and finding three couples from church there who promptly invite you to eat with them. They are special folks and I'm so very thankful for all the pouring into our lives they do.

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