Friday, February 20, 2015

Week in Review - Ready for the Weekend!

Happy Cold Friday!! BRRR!!! It's even cold here in the Sunshine State. We got down to around 21 degrees this morning. I know it's nothing compared to our neighbors in the North and believe me, you guys are in my thoughts! It is, however, a record cold for us and soooo not normal ;-)

This week has been a pretty easy going one, thankfully. We had our last animal themed science class  yesterday so next week we get a break. Guitar lessons are today so we will end the week on a musical note. I'm very proud of him and excited to see where he goes with this. Yesterday we got him a cool new strap for his guitar and some new picks. He's excited to use them and share them with his teacher today.

This past week we worked on progressing through our math and science lessons online. He's still loving the online work and so am I. Of course Molly would prefer he hurried so they can go play...

He seems to be doing well with these programs and grasping the concepts. It is kind of weird for me to not be actually teaching it all the time but I still do teach Grammar and Spelling. We also started working on cursive this week thanks to a friend who passed on some books :). Isn't that wonderful?

While there's not too much new going on in school, there were some adventures this week. My hubby came home with a pair of roller skates for Boo Bear this weekend. There was a party he was invited to and he needed to know how to skate. Everything was all good till a horrible crash on Saturday. The rest of the week he's been on the mend. Hoping it didn't turn him off of his skates forever...

My  hubby also brought these home. He said he was going to be totally impractical and bring these instead of the vacuum cleaner he looked at. :-) I would have been fine with that for Valentines day. I guess that's what almost 12 years of marriage does. :) Romance looks a lot different ;-) I think he did pretty good!

I also figured out why my  mom always said "Don't run in the house!". The hard way. Course this isn't the first time but still... Let's just say I was goofing off with Boo Bear and he fell and I tried not to fall and it was a domino effect ending with me kicking the wall. Not good. Thankfully he's fine. I'm nursing this toe...

We did have a fun day out at the park this week with a friend. It got a little too chilly with the wind so it wasn't near as much as I think the kids wanted to play. It was fun to just get out of the house for a bit.

So that's about how adventurous our week was. Pretty tame I guess. Which I'm not complaining!!! How was your week?

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  1. I'm in the "sunshine state" too - central Florida. I'd love to know where you are at!!

  2. I was never very good at roller skating and so I think that is one of the things that my kids won't get to experience.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. The roses are lovely. I hope you all get through the weekend with no more injuries.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Oooh, kicking the wall is painful!!! Our youngest smacked his head on our tile floor last night when we were all goofing around. I used to love roller skating and ice skating, but my sense of balance has been thrown off a bit. I like to blame the 5 kids ;-)


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