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Math is a favorite subject of my kiddos but not mine. I never have enjoyed math with the exception of Geometry. That one is okay. So I'm always looking for fun ways to teach him that will nurture that love he has. I don't want him to be like me ;-). One way we have started doing that is with the awesome online GPA Learn and their GPALOVEMATH program. 

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This is an online program that can be used as supplement to your childs math program they are already doing but we used it as our math curriculum. The program is for grades K-5 and has thousands of  practice problems for each grade. For those who may use this as a supplement for their school age children, there is a private social network connecting you with the teacher and your children. 

Each level has a different coach that works with your child throughout the program. They teach the lesson your child is in a fun and exciting way. My son is really into robots so when he met his 3rd grade teaching coach, it was love at first sight! 

You can meet Abacus and the other coaches by checking out each grade level here. The program is set up to do three lessons a week and you will finish a grade in ten months. The lessons are around 20 minutes long and can be retaken if your child struggled with it. 

GPALOVEMATH is set up to teach your child three different pathways. For our 3rd grade paths we had multiplication and division, geometry, time and estimation and also addition and subtraction. Each of these paths are intertwined so your child must complete certain sections on each path before moving on. I personally like this because it meant that Boo Bear could not take off and do all of the easier courses before tackling the more tough ones. 

You will need to have a computer or an Apple Mac to run this program. Supported browsers include Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari 6 & 7. They are currently working with Amazon to get the program set up to work on your Kindle. 

What We Received 

For this review we received the annual subscription. Setup was very easy and in no time he was off and learning new concepts. When you set up the account you can choose rewards for your child to earn or they are randomly generated. As they are progressing through the program, they earn coins that are put into a "bank" of sorts. They can turn them in for rewards or keep accruing them. 

You can set up rewards for them such as staying up 30 minutes later past your bedtime, mom does one of your chores or your own rewards. There are also giftcard awards that your child can turn their coins in for and those are sent from the companies. 

How We Used It

Each day I would have Boo Bear sit down and choose a lesson. For the most part I let him choose what he worked on each day. There are three paths and he loves the multiplication path so he tried to only work on that. Here's where the cool part comes in. (well for us parents anyway) 

He had finished several of the multiplication but had not tried any of the others. Before he could move on to the next multiplication level, he had to complete certain sections in the two other pathways. This means he couldn't just keep progressing in one concept without learning others along the way. That is one of the features I loved because he's getting a balanced math foundation.

Another feature I enjoyed is the daily and weekly progress emails. As a parent you receive information on how your child did, what lessons they completed and how long it took them. Some lessons may take longer than others and that's okay. 

The weekly digest shows me how many lessons he completed in the week and what his progress was. It also updates you on rewards they have earned along the way. 

Another favorite feature I enjoy is the Robot dance breaks. I can't vouch for the other grades yet but 3rd graders get a robot dance break before taking their test. I love that it incorporates getting up and moving around to get your brain going. My son gets up and dances around the office with our pup and I love to see that! 

What We Think

It gets two thumbs way up from this 3rd grader! He is thoroughly enjoying the lessons and ASKS to do math first everyday. From the robot dance breaks to the reports in my email box, I am loving this too. 

I asked him the other day if he enjoyed me teaching him or Abacus better and he didn't answer. I told him he wouldn't hurt my feelings and he said Abacus was much better ;-). I just can't compete with a dancing robot! 

If you'd like to learn more about the programs you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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