Friday, March 13, 2015

Week in Review - Arrgh Mateys!!

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Happy Friday the 13th! Again. ;) It doesn't really mean anything to me but just another day. So how did your week go? For us it was fun and eventful. Schoolwork accomplished, reviews posted, work done, field trips going on. Whew!

On the school front... This week we moved right along with most items. I shared about a Science curriculum we are doing and loving here. You can check that post out by clicking here. I started this week giving Boo Bear an assignment sheet. We have talked in the past weeks about him learning a little more responsibility for his lessons. Also he likes to see it in front of him what is required of him for the day.

I printed out a sheet and wrote down his assignments for the week. Each day he would check off what he had completed and go back the next day to finish anything he didn't. He seemed to like it so we will keep this up and see how it goes.

We watched the NASA test of a rocket booster system live this week on Ustream. It was really cool and he absolutely loved it. I have to admit it was an awesome thing to see !!

We went out exploring this week. Living in Florida we have a ton of beautiful springs and trails that you can walk on. Since we've moved to our new home we haven't ventured out as much as we would like to. So now that we feel more settled and have learned where they are, we went out this week to try it out. Boo Bear and I loved it. It is a lovely paved trail that you could ride on for forever if you choose to. It was by the springs so that is always fun too. We chose to walk it this time and enjoyed a lovely walk even though it was already 88 degrees outside. We chose the not paved trail to finish up our walk.

Yes you read that right too. It was in the 80's this week. Florida seems to skip the spring times and go straight for summer temps.

I love the springs here. They are absolutely beautiful and you can see right straight through to the bottom. One thing on my to-do list this summer is to get in a kayak or canoe on those waters. I have never done that and want to do it to say I have ;).

We also started our new read aloud this week. The new Magic Treehouse Expanded Edition, Danger in the Darkest Hour. It's a larger chapter book by Mary Pope Osborn with the same characters and same idea. It is just a more advanced reader so that her growing readers have something to change over to once they've read all the other books, 100's of times. ;-)

We also had our second pirate themed science class this week. He was to dress up like a pirate and take his pirate ship he made as well. Thankfully we had some costumes here that we could adjust and with a Wal-Mart eye patch and head piece, he was ready to go. 

On the homefront...
It's been pretty tame this week. Boo Bear and I didn't even leave the house until Wednesday this week. Boy was that a much needed much enjoyed thing. Seems like even though we "homeschool" we are running so much all the time ;). We school on the go, right? It should be at home/car/coffeeshop/store school.

We did take last Friday to do a huge cleaning up/out of the house. I'm working on sections as we go but we did tackle Boo Bear's room this week. He has gotten rid of some items so we'll take those to the thrift store today. We have a park day today with our homeschool group that is a much needed meet-up. You know those times where you just haven't been able to get together due to other circumstances outside of your control? Yep. That's been about our whole group. So w  are all excited about it.

I am hoping to work on some sewing projects this weekend or next if I can find time to get them done. Hopefully it should be easy, right? ;-)

So what have you been up to? What fun adventures did you go on this week?

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  1. sounds like a warm but fun week. We live in Florida, New York....and still have plenty of snow on the

    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. You all didn't get out the house until Wed, bless you, my 11 year old would've driven us crazy and tried to escape. He's such an out door and high energy kid. At least you all had a fun week with dress up and science, can't get better than that! I'm dropping in from Weekly Wrap Up.

  3. Looks like a nice week. Love the pirate costume!

  4. What a lovely field trip you all went on. Wow, it is so warm there.
    blessings, Dawn

  5. I'm just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. We live in Kansas and have had weather in the 70s all week. It's so nice to have a break from the cold.


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