Friday, March 20, 2015

Week in Review...

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a pretty okay week here. Nothing too out of the ordinary except for things concerning one of my jobs. I will say this. I have wanted to simplify things more in my life and the steps that took place this week do that. While I can't say I was happy about it at first, I know that God has everything in control. When one door shuts, there's another one open somewhere. :-)

On the school front...
This week we continued right along with our studies. The only thing we are "behind" in I would say is Grammar. That is one we have a hard time getting in. Math and Science are two that are done everyday no matter what. Grammar?? Eeh... I know that's a bad mindframe to have so we  I am working on it.

He has been reading well on his own all week. The graphic novels he first started reading has really inspired him to pick up a book more often. I also like that it's getting him to read more books than just the GN. I was afraid at first that he'd get stuck on those but it seems that it's just driving his love of reading instead.

He has started reading a chapter at night before he goes to sleep as well. He's just started a new book called Hooper Finds a Family about a dog in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. I'm excited to see how he likes it.

Math online is working well and I'm also adding in some worksheets too. This week I had him work on a triple digit addition sheet with carrying over, which he has learned, and he struggled with the order of the numbers. So I think we are going to start alternating the worksheets two days a week on review and the computer programs the other three days.

We started working on our Art curriculum review this week. We are both super excited about this one and he's loving it already. We are learning how to work with water color cakes as of right now.

We had the last pirate science class this week and he really seemed to enjoy that class. Looking forward to a break week next week and then back at it in April again .

We also learned about St. Patrick this week and why we celebrate the day. It was very interesting to me as I didn't know he was the first man to bring Christianity to Ireland after he had been kidnapped at a young age. Lots of interesting facts there. Oh, and Boo Bear was not pleased that the leprechaun messed with his milk.

On the home front...
I'm trying to add in more home ec to our day for Boo Bear. He has his certain chores he does and he's starting to add to them. I'm also teaching more cooking and getting him more involved in the kitchen. While I'm super excited about him getting where he wants to help, it's also sad that he's growing up so darn fast. This week I took him clothes shopping and instead of the cool super hero t-shirts, he was picking out the ones with the eagles, American Flags and corvette's on them. Sigh.. They do grow up entirely too fast, don't they?

I will say that two nights this week dinner was bombed. My initial plan was a fail two nights in a row and something else had to be done quickly. At least the last time my plan failed it was just not cooked long enough so with some more time in the crockpot on  Wednesday night our Thursday night dinner was awesome.

Boo Bear and Molly had some cute puppy cuddles this week. I love their relationship!!

Spring has sprung  and Molly is anxiously watching all the birds do what they do. She's so funny when I can catch her looking out the window. She just wants to go chase those flying things around.

We have thankfully had some amazingly beautiful days here lately. I know it's short time before the crazy summer weather hits where thunderstorms are a daily occurrence. Right now though, it's beautiful. We even went swimming for the first time. Well, he did. I'm too chicken to get into that freezing cold spring water right now.

So how was your week? Stop by and tell me about it!

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  1. Thanks for linking Jenni -- I'm so ready for that warm spring weather, too!

  2. The weather looks so nice! My daughter has been enjoying The Lightning Thief series too - I'm trying to transition her to reading them herself instead of just listening to the audiobooks.

  3. We tried a lot of different grammar programs out and they were all really boring and hard to get through. This year has been the first year that we actually ENJOY our language lessons.


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