Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Real Life Day 2 : Some Days Are Hard...

Yesterday we talked about our schedule on the first day of the Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop. Today I wanna get real. Really real with you.

Are you ready?

Some days are hard. It's not all roses and sunflowers and birds singing.

Some days there are Ninja's sneaking out behind you and scaring you when you really aren't in the mood.

Some days there are constant sounds of blowing stuff up when all you really want is a quiet moment. Just...one

Some days there is whining and arguing and complaining. (Sometimes even from the kids).

Some days there are frustrations too numerous to count. Some days you think you just can't go another day. You want to find out a different route to take because you just don't think you can do it.

Some days your patience seems non-existent .

Some days you look at the day ahead and wonder how will I get through everything to do today.

Some days you want to hide in your closet with a bag of chocolates.. (anybody hearing me out there?)

But then...

Other days you are amazed at the progress your children are making.

Other days those lights come on and that hard to grasp concept is a thing of the past.

Other days you hear laughter ringing through your home and you join in with them.

Other days you are so very thankful for this amazing journey God has put you on with your family.

Other days your patience is strong and you can deal with the sideways events of the day.

I had a few of those "some" days myself recently. Let's face it. Mom's and Dad's, we have a lot on our plate. There's the home to manage, the marriage, homeschool, family time, dinner, church ministry and the list goes on.

Those "some" days happen. The happy pictures of work happening without any problems may have come after a battle of whining, arguing and struggle to get to that point. We're getting real this week. We all have bad days. We all have struggles and trials.

But those other days come back and we remember why we do this in the first place. We remember why we are on this journey of homeschooling. We remember that God will equip us and that our children, family, church, home, marriages are blessings.

Don't think those "some" days will not come. They will. They lurk out there sometimes when you least expect it. Don't forget those "other" days. They always come back and are even sweeter than before.

What do you do to help with those "some" days?

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  1. Good reminders for someone who is about to start the journey of full time homeschooling...thank you!


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