Monday, April 27, 2015

Revelation: Working on Relationships

These past few Sundays our pastor has been preaching on "Give me a Revelation". Hearing from God in a mighty way. Yesterday our praise team sang the Third Day Song, "Revelation". You know the one...

Well yesterday as I was driving home from the store by myself, I had an aha moment. I had a revelation if you will about relationships. Specifically our relationship with Christ.

See I was thinking about a couple things. I was thinking about my son and his friendships. I was thinking about how friendships we have come and go. I was also thinking about my BFF's in school when I was a teen.

I got to thinking about how we nurture our friendships and relationships with family. We talk weekly and sometimes every day of the week. We communicate on a regular basis and that helps us keep that relationship strong.

The lack of communication is also what can make our relationships fade out. Make them weak over time. We don't know as much about each other or go separate ways. We lose touch and lose some of the strength of bond we once had.

Sure, you're still friends but sometimes it becomes more of an acquaintance relationship. You know the ones. The ones you might speak every couple of months or even years. The ones where time doesn't get rid of memories but the relationship just isn't as strong as before.

So what about our relationship with the Father? With Christ? That relationship needs communication as well.

If we do not communicate on a daily basis our relationship can fade. It can be dulled and we start to lose a part of it. We don't always hear from Him as we should because we aren't in communication daily.

I'm talking to myself here too. I know life happens. Things get busy and a lot of times friendships can get tossed around. We find ourselves spending less time in the Word and less time communicating than before. That can leave us and our relationship weak.

It just hit me that if we want the strong relationship with Christ that we call for. The relationship where He is our all in all and He is our daily strength, we have to communicate with Him on a daily basis.

How can we expect to be strong in the Word and strong in our relationship if there's no communication? If you only see a friend once a week, do you really know them? Do you really have a strong bond with them? Do you really understand you can depend on them in good times and bad?

How do we build those relationships we have that have made a difference in our lives? Look back at your best friends. Whether they are now or in the past. How did your new acquaintance become your best friend? You talked to them. You learned about them. You spent time with them. That's what He wants from us.

He wants us to talk to Him. To spend time in prayer and reading the Word. But to also listen to Him. He wants to reveal things to us and help us through this thing called life. He wants to share with us. To give us strength and peace. To help us face things that are coming down the path. To give us wisdom .

Don't forget to take time to talk to Him today. To learn more about Him by reading the Word. To listen to what He has to say today. Then start doing that a little bit everyday. You'll be amazed at what happens.

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